Lalaamira’s story starts after some international people having lived in Indonesia for over a decade came together and found a common passion for coffee, a tradition and cultured product which has already witnessed the history of Indonesia for over a couple of hundred years.

Coffee is one of the signature products, which comes from this resourceful country. “ A cup of Java” was the drink of the era.

Now international giants like Starbucks have brought coffee to a new era, where origin and quality are appreciated.

Lalaamira is formed exactly to serve this purpose. In the international market, you may find two or three types of origins, in this case, regions from Indonesia, which are commonly traded and consumed. However, Indonesia has more to offer. Lalaamira wants to explore that potential.

Having experienced in international commodity trading business, the founders of this business are keen in making more varieties of Indonesian coffee beans available to the global consumers.

Our Missions & Visions

We pay easily 4 to 5 dollars for a cup of coffee in the cities, but do you know in each cup of coffee, only a few cents will be paid to the farmers? Margins are very unevenly distributed in the distribution channels, and the farmers are in the bottom line.

Coffee trees are cash products for the farmers, if the coffee prices are not good comparing to other crops like orange, avocados or others, the farmers will change to the other plants next year. This results in the unsustainability of the coffee supply.

One of our key missions is to ensure a fair price to the farmers while also guarantees them the purchase of the beans once harvested.

Another mission is also to communicate with and educate the farmers about the actual demand from the market, to take better care of the plants, to harvest at the right time to ensure higher price can be paid for better beans.

Our vision in the long run is to play a bridging role between the supply and the demand in the coffee business. Hopefully our actions and efforts can also be contributed to the sustainability of the forest, making our world a better place to live.

How to Buy

How to buy coffee?

You can call us or email us so we can know each other better before starting business.

You can purchase by filling up the online order form with the availabilities according to data in our offerings. Once your order is accepted, we will send you our invoice to proceed.

What if I need samples to test?

We will provide green beans for free. You should give us your DHL or TNT account so we will send you the samples required by you. Or you can simply visit our nearest contact centers to collect the beans. You can taste our coffees too!

What’s the minimum quantity?

In the countries we operate, there is no minimum quantity. Usually our clients start with one jute bag of 60kg or one princess box of 30kg.

For International clients, we do require minimum quantity of 2 tons for the shipment to be cost effective. You can always contact us to see other options.

How I know what is available in stock for purchase?

If you need immediate delivery, the first place to check is our offerings (link to our offerings). From here, you can see all the coffee we have available on stock for sale.

To know about future incoming stock, you can setup custom email alert to let you know when a coffee has shipped from origin, has arrived in our warehouse, or is about to get sold out.

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